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Tagish Kennel owner moves animals to undisclosed location

Any Domesticated Animal Rescue and Boarding Kennels owner Shelley Cuthbert (Photo: Fake Believe Photography)

The owner of the Any Domesticated Animal Rescue and Boarding Kennels says the animals are safe and healthy and will no longer bother neighbours.

The owner of the Any Domesticated Animal Rescue and Boarding Kennels says she is going ahead with a million dollar lawsuit. 

Speaking to the Rush, Shelley Cuthbert says the suit relates to property loss, defamation, and harassment following a recent court battle which requires her to surrender all but two of the dogs on her property.

She refused to surrender most of the animals but says they are no longer a bother to the neighbours. 

"It's an undisclosed location. In other words, I'm not saying where they are or where I am. Everybody's healthy and happy. They're stressed but they're fine. They're safe. They're alive, and that's all I care about and I'll be going back and forth between places to take care of the other two dogs until their pen is built. Once their pen is built, then I'll move those two."

Cuthbert says moving the animals was always a possibility, but the court refused to consider it. 

"The court failed to understand, and I kept saying this time and time again, I can't move in the Winter. You can't expect me to set up a kennel when the ground is frozen. It is now Summer and I asked to relocate the dogs on several occasions to a temporary location instead of surrendering them to the Animal Health Unit and I was denied."

Cuthbert is not saying where the dogs are but adds they are safe and healthy. 

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