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Statistics Canada releases data on Yukon Aboriginals

Statistics Canada released census data on Yukon's Aboriginal population on Wednesday focusing on population, age, and housing.

The numbers show growth was much less than the national average, while housing is a concern.

Statistics Canada is breaking down Aboriginal census numbers for Yukon.

Analyst Vivian O'Donnell says growth numbers released Wednesday buck the national trend, as the Aboriginal population rose nine per cent since 2006, compared to 43 per cent for the rest of the country.

"In other parts of Canada, a major component of the growth is people newly identifying as Aboriginal." O'Donnell said.

"In Yukon, it appears that most of the growth is driven by what demographers call a natural increase."

Housing numbers also found 20 per cent of Aboriginals in the territory needed major repairs, compared to nine per cent of non-Aboriginals.

O'Donnell says this is an indication of housing quality in the territory.

"When we talk about people living in a dwelling that requires major repairs, (not) regular maintenance or minor repairs." she said.

"Those major repairs would be if you need structural repairs, or plumbing or electrical wiring."

The average age of Yukon Aboriginals is 34.4 years, compared to 40 for non-Aboriginals, which is close to the national average.

23 per cent of the Aboriginal population was under 15-years-old, and eight per cent were seniors, compared to non-aboriginals which had 16 per cent under 15, and 13 per cent seniors.

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