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How Much of a Chili Head are You?

If you are a chili head, you absolutely love hot peppers. You might put hot sauce on everything you eat, whether it's on your eggs, rice, and let's not forget spicy buffalo wings. But just how much can you handle? What's the spiciest hot pepper you have ever had? Banana peppers? Jalapeno? Habanero? That's just amateur stuff. Let's bring in the big guns. Like ghost peppers.

Or how about the spiciest chip in the world, made with the hottest pepper in the world: the Carolina Reaper pepper.

Paqui, a company based in Texas makes these chips. They call it "The One Chip Challenge." And they only give you one chip. Don't let it fool you. This is made with flakes of real Carolina Reaper peppers. I have not tried this as it's only available in the states, and very, very rare to get into Canada. I have tried the second spiciest chip in the world, which are their ghost pepper chips. After a small handful, my mouth was on fire.

Today, a morning news team in Colorado decided to try it live on television. And it went just as you expected. Lots of panting and screaming, and one of the reporters even throws up (thankfully you can't see that) and starts to wheeze! It's crazy, but at the same time hilarious. Would you ever do something like this if you ever had the chance? I would!

The video in question:



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